Hello, I am Teddy van Jerry and is enthusiastic about sharing what I have learned. Being a college student, I am also progressing through the way!

Writing Codes

The primary goal of this blog is to share my coding experience. I especially focus on C/C++, Qt, Python, Mathematica, MATLAB, LaTeX. I enjoy writing my own software using Qt and have set up the organization of TVJ Group to collaborate on GitHub at TVJ Group Organization or my own account.

Art and Music

I am a fan of classical music, and music really motivates me to look forward. I gain my strength especially from Wagner and J.S.Bach recently (I also favour Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms and many of them.) When I am free, I also want to share my understanding of those masterpieces here!

Well, the first piece I want to share is definitely Der Ring des Nibelungen composed by Wagner. I seem to understand much more now as I gain the similar painful experience.