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I will come forth as gold!

Exercise 0817

Question 1 电路拓扑图 (topological graph):不考虑电路的各支路中元件的性质,仅考虑他们之间互相连接关系的电路图。电路拓扑图 G定义为支路 b 与结点 n 的集,即 G=\{b,n\}。 路径 (path):从图 G 的一个结点出发,沿着一些支路移动到另一结点所经过的之路(移动过程中结点不重复)。 Question 2 连通图 (connected graph):任意两节点间至少有一条路径的图。 […]

Lecture 6

Production Production with Two Variable Inputs Isoquants isoquant: Curve showing all possible combinations of inputs that yield the same output. […]

Lecture 5

Uncertainty and Consumer Behavior "Rational" but bounded, capability limited. Describing Risk Probability Likelihood that a given outcome will occur. Objective […]